Oh Hi!

We hit the road at an early 10am and headed up to a camping spot we had found online. About 30 miles in, we turned around and headed to Ojai for no reason really; redirecting our efforts to reach another campsite our friend had recommended to us. Google maps sent us to a neighborhood and after asking directions at the general store, we backtracked another 30 miles or so. The smells of a California winter soothed the discouragement of time "wasted" as we hoped this to be our final leg.

We never got to the campsite.


Finally we pulled of the serpentine canyon road and setup our mobile home overlooking the incredible valley we had just traversed. A spectrum of warm and cool colors fought over the sky as the sun relinquished its power to the full moon. Monochromatic apparitions impressed themselves on the valley in victory and the led light in our truck was dulled by the magnificence of the moon.